miss kitty fantastico (thesynergizer) wrote in naturalbirth,

cross posted from due date community

So we didn't want an ultrasound this time, and i told myself we wouldn't get one unless medically indicated. Well, then i gained 10lbs in a month and measured 4 weeks ahead. 22cm at 18w.

I said i wanted one but now am thinking of at least waiting one more month and seeing if that growth stays steady, picks up even more drastically, or slows down to be more where it should be.

third baby, never measured ahead before, either time. ugh. if only we didn't have to pay for the u/s out of pocket.

plus, i'm scared i'll lose my resolve about being surprised if someone's already in there poking around. i've seen enough of those things that if a winky went by on the screen, i'm sure i'd know what i was looking at.

advice welcome i guess. but be nice.
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