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The growth and weight gain wouldn't concern me. With my last pregnancy, the midwives thought that all mothers become more sensitive to sugar during pregnancy and it can lead to large weight gains. It is holiday time? Have you been eating more "junk"? I find that in pregnancy, my body will gain rapidly when non-pregnant, it would not.

That said, with my last pregnancy, I had several times of unease when I wondered if I should have opted for more earlier tests. When I got the anatomy scan, it was fine. The uneasy feelings persisted. Well, something was wrong ... although it all worked out fine eventually.

So, if your concern level has been hit, investigate. However, if it was just the 10 lb figure, ride it out. I have had 10 lb gains in pregnancy one month and 0 lb gains the next. I tended to gain lots of weight with pregnancy.

I doesn't hurt to be safe. I know it's important to you to stay natural, but these are the reasons why medical technology IS good.

As someone who has lost their baby in the past, I know that you can't be too careful. Better to go and know your baby is fine than to find out something was going on and you could have done something about it. Your baby's safety and your health is important.

would you still feel this way if it was $500 out of pocket for that peace of mind? i hate letting finances dictate things, and of course if the midwife said GO, i would, no questions asked. but she said it was up to me.

Yep...but I'm overly paranoid from actually losing my baby. If you don't think it's necessary, then don't do it. For me, any price is worth my baby's well being. Money is just money and it will come back eventually.

The quick growth wouldn't concern me much. If that's the only concern, I'd ride it out and see what happens after the holidays. :) I skipped all ultrasound during my last pregnancy. There were definitely times I second guessed myself for a moment. But in the end, I was glad I'd made the decision I had.

In both my pregnancies I gained 6 lbs in week 21 (and 3-4 lbs per week from 34-38, for a grand total of 60), so 10 lbs in a month would be, well, typical for me. But if you're worried, then you do what you need to do. :)

its more the fundal height and weight gain together that's got me concerned. just one or the other i could brush off more easily. i think we're going to wait and see what happens at my january appt though, and then go from there.

I'd wait another month and see what new data does to the picture of what is happening.

Just for me personally, I usually like to get at least one ultrasound, because I'm paranoid about placenta previa, and AFAIK an ultrasound is the only way to detect that before birth.

That said, it depends on what you're comfortable with. Waiting a month to re-consider isn't a bad idea, actually. As for wanting to be surprised, you can ask the tech to not let you see the screen at all, and I'm sure they'd be more than happy to do that. If nothing else, you can blindfold yourself. ;)

i'm not sure i'd have the strength to not look once i was there. i'm not sure i'd have the strength to still not want to know once i was there (we found out with our first two) its like a guy going to a strip club with a blindfold on. seriously? just dont go then :-)

as far as previa, i believe bleeding would be an indication that there was a problem.

Are you able to measure your own fundal height? I'd measure it now and then measure it in a week (or even 3-4 days if you are impatient). If you're still growing more than 1 cm a week, I'd just schedule the ultrasound now.

actually, when my husband and i tried to do it at home, we got a lower number than she got at the office. i got it at about 20cm for 18w and he agreed with me. so that caused me to pause as well. idk if i want to tell her i doubt her measuring ability though. that seems like maybe not so smart to say ...

Well, I guess the other question would be if you are absolutely sure on your dates? If the midwife was off by a couple cm and your due date is off by a couple weeks that could explain the difference right there.

20 cm is what I was measuring at 18 weeks and it turned out to be twins!

i am 100 percent sure of dates and yes, this is exactly what i'm worried about

That reminds me once, during my first pregnancy, the doctor started the tape at least a centimeter lower than usual. So there is an element of human error as a possibility. Another reason that if it were me, I'd wait and see.

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I'd wait, unless your midwife thinks that there is some reason to be concerned. Lots of things can affect fundal height... poop pushing your uterus up, baby's position... my acupuncture/cranial sacral therapist tends to note me measuring ahead (she was a midwife for 18 years) until she adjusts things, because my uterus gets a little twisted, narrow, and tall. Or something.

Plus, $500 is a lot of money. Of course if your baby were in danger it would be worth it to check up on things, but I can't really think of a problem that an ultrasound would detect that has symptoms of weight gain and measuring ahead... except maybe multiples!

um, yes multiples is what we are worried about. we don't have insurance and were planning to pay midwife out of pocket but if its twins then we NEED to get insurance, asap!

Oh man, that is a tough situation. Can the midwife try REALLY HARD with a dopplar to look for two heart beats?

She did, and only found one. She says her gut says its only one baby, but for the sake of full disclosure, she has missed twins before, so the final decision to get an ultrasound or not needs to be up to us. U think right now we've decided to have our next appointment and see if anything has changed

I'm in a very similar position myself, pregnant with my third baby, very sure of my dates, and I was measuring around 4cm ahead. I posted in here for advice, as well as googling for all the info I could find, and I ended up deciding not to go for an ultrasound scan straight away as I didn't feel it was an immediate concern. Instead I have been continuing to monitor my fundal height at home, and I may or may not have a scan when I'm closer to full term, depending on how things progress.

Anyway, after monitoring my fundal height for the past few weeks, I have discovered that it changes depending on the baby's position. I'm currently 28-29 weeks, and my fundal height measures anything from 28cm to 34cm (in the same day!). The 34cm measurement was possibly inaccurate, as it's not always easy to find the edge of the pelvic bone to measure from, but the fundal height definitely reduced by several cm's as a result of me moving around and doing optimal foetal positioning exercises that shifted the baby lower down into my pelvis and into less of a stretched out position. So, I'm coming to the conclusion that fundal height doesn't really mean very much, and I'm trying not to worry too much about it. I will keep an eye on it, but I really would prefer to avoid any ultrasound scans for as long as possible. The scans are free on the NHS here, but having a scan would mean that I would be subjected to the usual scaremongering from the obstetrician about big babies, high fluid levels, etc, and I'm not willing to be subjected to that level of stress and pressure. My fundal height measured behind with my first baby and I had low AFI, and I didn't measure it at all with my second baby but I was huge and had high AFI so I'm sure I would have been measuring ahead, and both babies were average-sized healthy singletons! I don't feel that I benefitted at all from having either of them scanned.

If you want my advice, I'd suggest seeing how things progress over the next few months, before making a decision about whether to have the scan done. Measuring 4cm ahead in a third pregnancy is not that unusual. In the absence of other symptoms (blood pressure, headaches, swelling, etc) I wouldn't be rushing out to have a scan just for being a bit big.

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