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New Member, New at Most Things

Hi everyone,

I recently resuscitated my LiveJournal presence after I found out I was pregnant. Maybe a weird choice, but after futile searches online for websites and forums that aren't hellbent on body-shaming, misogynist-consumerism, I thought I'd dip my toes back into this world. I found your forum, which seems like a wonderful space that shares my birthing ideologies.

I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant, and this is my first. Like I said, I've been struggling to find literature (online and otherwise) that favors natural birthing. So I thought I'd begin by asking, if there are any reading recommendations that anyone has of any shape or form, I would be hugely grateful!

Thanks so much, and I'm happy to be here!

winter snowflake

inviting people to the birth?

Hi all, I am pregnant with my second child and planning my second homebirth. Last time it was just my husband and I and the midwives, so this time I would like to invite our close family (our moms and my sister-in-law). I am putting together a list of things for them to consider before deciding to come to the birth, like "You will need to do what the midwives ask without question." What would you put on this list?

Suggestions needed for a friend in labour please!

Hello I just received a message from a friend who is interested in having a natural birth. Please note this is happening in Sweden. Here is the message:

Been in labor for more than 24 hrs and made great progress until 3:30am this morning. Then things slowed down and became irregular again. Went to hospital for check up this morning and sent home with some meds to help me rest. Contractions are powerful but progress not great. We have been out walking. Any other suggestions of what I can do to get things moving? I don't want to land up too tired to deliver this baby...


Thanks in advance!

Natural birth and Diastatis Recti

Hello everyone,

I'm pregnant with my second.

During my first pregnancy my stomach muscles separated and never really came back together. I pushed for over 5 hours before the baby was finally out (after a doctor was called and assisted me with a vacuum).

I was hoping to be able to push the baby out unassisted this time, but reading about abdomen muscle separation it seems it makes pushing quite a bit more difficult. It might even be the reason it went down that way for me the first time around.

My question is rather specific but I'm eager to ask it anyway...

Has anyone here had muscle separation with one pregnancy and a difficulty to push and went on to push without issues in subsequent pregnancies?

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So we didn't want an ultrasound this time, and i told myself we wouldn't get one unless medically indicated. Well, then i gained 10lbs in a month and measured 4 weeks ahead. 22cm at 18w.

I said i wanted one but now am thinking of at least waiting one more month and seeing if that growth stays steady, picks up even more drastically, or slows down to be more where it should be.

third baby, never measured ahead before, either time. ugh. if only we didn't have to pay for the u/s out of pocket.

plus, i'm scared i'll lose my resolve about being surprised if someone's already in there poking around. i've seen enough of those things that if a winky went by on the screen, i'm sure i'd know what i was looking at.

advice welcome i guess. but be nice.
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Birth Story

My second baby, Madeleine Joy, was born on November 23rd into my hands.

I wanted to share my birth story here.  I'm no writer and I certainly haven't had time to edit so please ignore my mistakes. :)