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childbirth without medication or medical intervention
This community is for anyone supportive of natural pregnancy and childbirth. We are pro-breastfeeding, supportive of homebirth, unassisted birth, birth center and natural hospital birth.

We encourage members to take charge of the choices and management of their health care. Posts relating to natural family living are welcome within the community, in addition to those addressing TTC, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding.

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Community Guidelines and Rules

By becoming a member naturalbirth, you are stating that you have read and agree to the Community Guidelines and Rules. Before you become an active member within the community, please make sure you have read and understand all of the community's policies.

Supporting a safe space to discuss natural birth is our #1 priority. The mission of this community is to support, educate and empower women to make the choices necessary to have a natural birth and dispel negative cultural attitudes about the childbearing cycle.

In this community, we consider the definition of natural childbirth to be a labor that begins spontaneously and does not involve the use of medication or intervention during the birth process. Natural birth does not just mean a vaginal delivery. Here in naturalbirth you will find support for techniques to help you avoid intervention and have a natural birth, not just a vaginal delivery.

Our moderation philosophy is that we are all adults and can conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner online. If someone is violating the letter or spirit of our community guidelines members are empowered to point this out in a polite manner. We ask that not all commenters point out the rule violation as this can be seen as ganging up on the poster. Please also post in our mod journal so we can monitor the situation.

We reserve the right to delete any post or comment that does not conform to these guidelines. Members will be warned and given at least 4 hours to correct their posting before it is deleted. We are not afraid to use the ban hammer on egregious offenses or repeat offenders.

Community Discussion and Posting Guidelines

♦ As stated above this community is for the discussion of natural birth and to support members in having a natural birth.
♦ We do not support routine, non-medically necessary interventions. Interventions include, but are not limited to: artificial rupture of membranes, mechanical or chemical induction techniques (foley bulb, membrane sweeps/stretches, cytotec, cervidil, pitocin), continuous fetal monitoring, episiotomies, use of forceps, vacuum extraction, etc.
♦ We support techniques for natural pain relief such as being prepared for childbirth, distraction, hypnosis, sterile water injections, TENS machines, etc.
♦ We do not support the use of medications for pain relief including: narcotics, nerve blocks, epidural anesthesia. If your epidural “didn’t work” that does not count.
♦ Questions about herbal preparations, homeopathics, alternative medicine modalities such as acupuncture and chiropractic to support healthy pregnancy and birth are encouraged.
♦ Natural induction techniques that interfere with the normal physiological process are not encouraged in this community. Do not ask how to “naturally induce” in this community. Really, just don’t.
♦ Discussion of interventions and how to avoid them is allowed and encouraged in this community. Discussions about which interventions to choose, i.e. “cervidil or cytotec?” are not.
♦ If you feel that you have medically necessary interventions that you would like community feedback on, please contact the mods and we let you know if you can post it. An example of this would be a medically necessary induction for preeclampsia and how to avoid the cascade of interventions that result from Pitocin induction and magnesium sulfate. However, be prepared that some members may question the medical necessity of certain interventions and encourage you to think about why you may need this intervention or present alternatives.
♦ It is possible to have an empowering, safe and successful all natural hospital birth. It's just harder. Expect to be told this when you tell us you are planning a natural hospital birth. This does not mean that we don't support natural birth in the hospital, it means that the majority of hospitals are set up to have a standard hospital birth, not a normal, natural, vaginal birth. If you would rather not be questioned about your choice to have a hospital birth, the community hospitalbirth might be better suited to your needs.
♦ This community understands that not everyone wants or can have a homebirth. If a community member is planning a natural hospital birth, please provide support to help her reach this goal. It is acceptable to point out that her desires may not match the hospital setting, but please do not belabor the point.
♦ Refrain from telling pregnancy and birth “horror stories”. This community is about trusting birth and empowering women to give birth naturally without medical intervention. There are enough horror stories in everyday society, let’s keep them out of the community. If you had your own personal horror story, please share your experience in a way to help others learn from it, not to scare them.
♦ When you respond to a post, please try to include links or other information to back up your claims. You are helping women make choices about their births, so take some time and do your homework.

Community Rules of Conduct

♦ Most importantly, there is a no-drama policy in the community. Remember that you are responsible for your own behavior and what you say within the community.
♦ Healthy debate and discussion are welcome. It takes a lot of personal accountability to be able to debate respectfully. If you are not capable of respectful disagreement, do not engage in discussion on sensitive threads.
♦ Do not start drama or whine if you are not hearing what you want to hear. Our members have strong opinions and views on natural birth, these may not always mesh with your views of natural birth and they definitely do not mesh with mainstream society’s.
♦ Our members appreciate large photos being placed behind cuts, decent grammar/spelling and basic internet manners.
♦ Please do not use graphic or potentially offensive icons for your posts within the community.
♦ Cross posting: please use an lj-cut on cross-posted entries. Do not excessively cross-post, we appreciate not seeing the same entry on our friends lists multiple times in a row.
♦ Do not change font type, size, or color.
♦ Do not screencap locked posts and place them in drama communities. This violates the safe space rule of our community.

Guidelines for dealing with difficult subject matter, drama, or miscommunication

♦ Do not delete posts or comments without moderator approval. If there is a problem we need to see what the problem is.
♦ If you are having a problem with another member please try to resolve that problem yourselves within the rules of the community. If you are unable to resolve the problem or the member is violating community rules please contact us through our mod journal, nb_mods.
♦ Please refrain from screening or freezing a comment thread.
♦ We reserve the right to delete any post or comment thread.

Posting birth stories

♦ If you had a natural birth, please feel free to post the text of your birth story within the community under a cut tag.
♦ If you had interventions, your story must be posted to an external site (your web site, your personal journal) and only the link to your story posted within the community. Also, you must include a brief statement saying that your birth had interventions so our members can decide if they would like to read your story. The reason behind this rule is to keep the community content natural birth positive. Many members have expressed a desire to keep themselves surrounded with positive thoughts during their pregnancies.
♦ Here are some examples of stories that would require the external link: epidural, pitocin (regardless of pain medication), narcotics (nubain, stadol), cesarean section. Remember that a vaginal birth is not the same thing as a natural birth.
♦ If there are any questions about how your birth story should be posted, please feel free to post the full text of the story to the mods at our mod community, nb_mods.
♦ If you have any questions about the rules for birth stories, or why the rule was adopted, please read this post that clarifies why we have such a policy.

Necessary legal disclaimer

Any posts, articles or other information provided in this community are designed for educational purposes only. Your choices concerning your own healthcare belong to you. The community manager, authors, publishers and contributors can assume no responsibility for your decisions.

Links and More Information

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